Floral Funeral Tributes and Displays

When there aren’t any words

It can be so difficult to find the right words when you lose a friend, family member or loved one. And harder still if you’re not able to attend the funeral. But whether you are arranging a funeral or memorial service, attending as a guest or just want to pay your respects, people appreciate the gesture and flowers do have that special ability to communicate what words sometimes can’t convey.

Floral arrangements with dignity

We know it’s a difficult time and our aim is to create memorable flower arrangements which match the tone of the occasion and the memories of the person lost. We won’t take up much of your time but we will ensure that your floral display conveys the emotion and sentiment of the occasion.

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Cross SYM-329 Product Image
Cross SYM-329


Tied Sheaf SYM-338 Product Image
Tied Sheaf SYM-338


Pink Massed Wreath Product Image
Pink Massed Wreath


Posy SYM-345 Product Image
Posy SYM-345


Teddy Bear  SYM-356 Product Image
Teddy Bear SYM-356


Posy SYM-346 Product Image
Posy SYM-346


Wreath SYM-321 Product Image
Wreath SYM-321


Single Ended Spray SYM-303 Product Image
Single Ended Spray SYM-303


Eco Wreath SYM-354 Product Image
Eco Wreath SYM-354


Funeral Posy (Pink) Product Image
Funeral Posy (Pink)


Tied Sheaf SYM-337 Product Image
Tied Sheaf SYM-337


Funeral Flowers SYM-335 Product Image
Funeral Flowers SYM-335